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From our dream job, customer, mentor and life-changing opportunity.
At Mailscale, we enable people to use this powerful marketing channel at scale.
As a result, our customers are finally being seen.

Join a team of makers

Are you driven by an obsession to become great at what you do?

Then this is the place for you.

Yes, your work will have a massive impact on our customers.

But we’re accepting that you do it first and foremost for yourself.

By exploring your curiosity, learning to do things better and becoming your best version, you get to have the greatest impact.

Our Values

Sacrifice for Growth

Everyone wants to “grow”.

Few are willing to sacrifice for it.

You’re the right fit if you “need” to become better.

Intrinsically Optimistic

Every problem has a solution.

We believe that by looking for solutions instead of problems, we live better lives.

Radically Honest

The only way to become better is by having people around you that are brutally honest.

We put a focus on honesty in receiving and giving feedback - including to the founders.

We don’t make gimmicks. Mailscale changes people’s lives, for real.

If you think it's frustrating to work on projects that the world doesn't really need, then this is for you.

The core of Mailscale's success is that it helps our customers to grow and have more impact.

When joining us, you will have a tangible, real-world impact on their business, team members and families.

What you get

A startup is a group project.

And every member can only do their best magic when feeling satisfied and at home.

Here's how we take care of you:

Competitive salaries (with potential for equity)

Budget for co-working spaces

Education budget (courses, books and more)

Responisibility & Ownership

Grow into management positions

Learn how startups get build from the start

Yearly meetup options

Remote positions

Open Positions

These are the available positions.
You can also apply if you don’t find yours.
We’re always open for talent!