Automates the creation of email accounts

Get more clients by scaling your cold email outreach

Mailscale is a software that helps you generate up to 1000 email accounts.
As a result, you can send cold emails at scale and get more clients than you can handle.

Why aren’t you booking enough sales calls?

How do you get hundreds of business owners interested in your service right now?
Hint: It’s not fixing your website, pricing, branding or offer.

You’re just not in front of enough buyers

The simple reason you’re not getting enough clients is that you’re not being seen.

Good News: Your next 100 clients are literally an email away.

Bad News: Sending cold emails at scale is a hassle.

To not land in the spam, you need to create dozens of them.

The 2 Cold Email Problems:

1. Expensive

To land in the inbox at scale, you need 50+ email accounts which will cost you $400/month with Google/Outlook.

2. Technical Hassle

It takes days to setup the needed DNS records to land in the inbox (DKIM/DMARC/SPF) for each email account.

5x cheaper and 50x faster.

Mailscale automates
email account creation
faster & cheaper

We can help you create your virtual sales force of 50 or 1000 email accounts in minutes.

The old way

Manually set up domains, email accounts, DMARC, DKIM, SPF, domain forwarding, email forwarding.

The new way

Let Mailscale generate email accounts for you, then add them to your email sending tool with a single click.


500+ customers with a competitive advantage

Mailscale helps more than 500 agency owners, freelancers and software founders to get more clients.

Here's what they say:

Email accounts

Effortlessly generate email accounts

Buy secondary domains inside of Mailscale, fill out a 5-minute form, and get your CSV of ready-to-use email accounts by tomorrow.

No more manual work

Eliminate 12 Hours of Manual Work

Spend 5 minutes with Mailscale instead of 12+ hours to set up your email accounts.

-> More time for things that actually move the needle.

Don't overpay

Save $1000 in the next 3 months

Save 4-5x the costs in comparison with other email providers.

-> More budget to hire, buy emails or to buy a guitar.

Deliverability Guarantee

Reach Inboxes.
Not Spam Folders

During the warmup period of 14 days, we guarantee 95-100% deliverability.

After that, it's your responsibility to follow best practices.

To help you and improve your performance, you get a dedicated 4-person support team.



Best for Solopreneurs wanting to book the first 2-5 sales calls a month. 27% cheaper than Google/Outlook


/ month
Up to 15 E-Mail Accounts ($5.26/mo)
Setup in 5 Minutes, 24 hour delivery
Automated DNS/DKIM/SPF setup
Limited access to new features
Business plan

Best for anyone wanting to book 10-50+ sales calls a month. 67% cheaper than Google/Outlook

Up to 50 E-Mail Accounts ($2.38/mo)
Setup in 5 Minutes, 24 hour delivery
Automated DNS/DKIM/SPF setup
Priority Support
Free Cold Email Course (Including AI reply bot tutorial)
No priority access to new features
Enterprise plan

Best for anyone looking to book 50-200+ sales calls a month.
83% cheaper than Google/Outlook


/ month
Up to 200 E-Mail Accounts ($1.20/mo)
Setup in 5 Minutes, 24 hour delivery
Automated DNS/DKIM/SPF setup
Priority Support
Free Cold Email Course (Including AI reply bot tutorial)
Upgrade at $1/Month per email account only
Priority Access to new features

Frequently asked questions

What is Mailscale?

Mailscale is a tool that automates the creation of company email accounts.
It's 50x faster and 5x cheaper than company email providers such as Google Workspace and Outlook.

Why do I need so many email accounts?

To not land in the spam, an email account should send no more than 20-30 emails per day.

Therefore, the only way to scale your outreach is by having lots of email accounts.


If you have 50 email accounts, you can target 5000-10,000 businesses a month (with a sequence of a few emails).

This is how you can get 50-100+ businesses interested in your offer.

What's the result for my business?

Usually, businesses do email outreach in order to book sales calls.

By scaling your outreach with 50 or 200+ email accounts, our customers consistently book 30+ sales appointments and get 5+ clients.

Equally, a freelancer/SAAS with lower ticket offers can use email outreach to get hundreds of signups/customers.

Is this for me?

Cold outreach will work for you if you're targeting businesses.

Therefore, any solopreneur, freelancer, agency owner or software founder can benefit from reaching out to their dream customers.

Inside of Mailscale's business plan, you'll get a full cold email course including tutorials on how you can get 10,000+ emails in any niche.

How does cold outreach work?

Mailscale provides you with email accounts. Think of them as your soldiers.

But you still need other tools such as an email sending tool like Instantly/Smartlead to send the emails.

Also, you need to get emails of your dream customers with tools such as Apollo.

In order to help you, we provide you with a full cold email course including how to get 10,000+ emails, set up the emails, write high converting emails etc.

Why can't I use Activecampaign/ Mailchimp / Mailgun / Sendgrid/ Convertkit etc.?

All of these providers are for 'transactional emails' only.

Meaning, if you have an email list of subscribers that expect your email.

Cold outreach is against their policies and will get you banned.

How is the deliverability?

The core mission of Mailscale is for you to be seen.

With our dedicated email infrastructure, our customers enjoy 95-100% deliverability scores across major providers.

In fact, if you don't see this in your first 14 days, you can get a refund if you'd like to cancel.

When starting your campaigns, with this kind of deliverability, you can get 40-70% open rates on campaigns.

This is 2-3-times higher than the average international email open rate which is 21%.

What's the difference to Google Workspace/Outlook?

The end result is the same: Company email accounts.

But when using Google/Outlook, it would take you 12+ hours of technical setup (DKIM/DMARC/SPF etc.) to set them up and optimize for deliverability.

Also, it would cost you $400+/Month for 50 email accounts.

With Mailscale, all it takes is 5 minutes to fill out a form and you save 3-5x the costs.

Do I need to buy domains with you?

In order to create email accounts, you need to buy additional domains (also if you don't use Mailscale)

That's because you can't set up 50 same emails on a single domain and you actually want to diversify.

Currently, we only offer for you to buy them inside of Mailscale since we add all the DNS records for you automatically.

You can create up to 3 emails per domain and the costs are $9-$13/year per domain.

When setting up 50 email accounts, this will only add $10-15/month and these are your domains in case you want to cancel Mailscale in the future.

Can I bring my own domains?

Currently not. As of now, our customers see Mailscale as a way of scaling outreach further if they already have emails and buy domains inside until they can transfer their old ones.

Can I upgrade anytime?

Yes, of course.

What's the process?

t's a simple process that takes you 3-5 minutes only:  

1. Upon subscribing, you get directed to our Slack where you get an automatic DM with a form for domain suggestions 2. You fill it out with your company name and your desired email account usernames
3. You purchase the suggested domains or suggest your own
4. That's it! Lean back while your email accounts will be delivered in 24 hours
5. You get a CSV file with all email accounts that you can import with a single click into Instantly or Smartlead.

As with all providers, we recommend a warmup period of 2 weeks before starting to send campaigns.

How does the email infrastructure work?

Using a self-hosted email infrastructure is nothing new.

Large companies with thousands of employees such as TikTok don't use Google or Outlook (Also for security reasons).

They have their own infrastructure and of course, their emails land in the main inbox when contacting businesses or sending emails between each other.

The only thing that's new here is that Mailscale finally makes this accessible to small business owners like yourself.

We're currently the only provider that owns the full infrastructure including SMTP servers, IP pools and more (While some others just resell accounts)

As a result, we can provide you with the best deliverability by being able to replace IPs in an instance for example.

How many emails can I send with them?

While there's technically no limitation, you can negatively impact your reputation if you send too many emails (As with every provider).

We recommend to send 30-50 emails per email account per day.

Does this only work with Instantly/Smartlead?

We can integrate with any email sending tool that lets you import custom email accounts (through IMAP etc.)

If you want to import them in bulk, check if your tool offers this option.

We can adjust the CSV output to your liking if you use a custom provider.

How do you guarantee deliverability?

Within the first 2 weeks after payment, we guarantee 95-100% deliverability during the warmup measured by the warmup scores.

After that, we can’t guarantee it as your behaviour has an impact on it.

For example, if you don’t verify your email leads before sending.

But even if you run into issues, we didn’t have a single case where we couldn’t restore deliverability.

97% of customers never run into issues.

For you to get the best performance, you’ll get access to our deliverability guide.

We also put together a 4-person support team to advise and help you get the best performance.

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Learn how to:

- Get more clients than you can handle
- Reach 10,000 dream clients a month
- Automate the system for less than $400

This strategy helped us get 540 B2B customers in 3 months

Get Your Free 6-Day Cold Email Course Newsletter

Learn how to:

- Get more clients than you can handle
- Reach 10,000 dream clients a month
- Automate the system for less than $400

This strategy helped us get 540 B2B customers in 3 months